All hail the mighty sparrow!

(This is not a PBP post, but one copied from my private blog, because some who read the PBP might like to see it too.)

This morning’s project was to bring out the paints and make some adjustments to the Ra statue that arrived yesterday. Somehow, it just seemed wrong that when I looked into his cute beady black eyes the only thing I could hear was “Cheep cheep cheep cheep!” I looked up pictures online and sure enough, they did paint him wrong. More like a Disney song bird with bright rosy cheeks than a falcon. I was hesitant to mess with it, but that cheepcheep had to go. It’s not a perfect job, but it’s an improvement. Now I’m debating on whether I should keep going with colors and paint the sun disc red, since I’ve already disrupted the gold and black theme.

Sekhmet and Djehuty just arrived. Sekhmet looks nice. Djehuty is huge! Oh dear. I may have to get some platforms to try to even them out a little. Umm….

Dang he’s big. No crown either so that’s head height, no cheating at all. He’s almost twice the height of Ra, who is seated.

Yeah, painting Ra’s sun disc red might help him stand out a little better.

Ra Before

Ra After


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