Prayer for Kemet-Wesir

Praises to Kemet!
She who is the black lands,
She who wears red,
She who wears white,
She who is adorned by forty-two shining jewels!
Praises to the Lady of field and flood who is Wesir.

Heru cries for you.
The sisters sing for you.
Ra warms you from his boat
Djehuty names your members.
Yinepu attends you.
Tayet dresses you.
Wepwawet opens the gate.

Your fertile lands bring many heirs!
Your children light their shrines for you!
May their offerings never cease.

Heru guards them.
Hethert sings for them.
Ra turns his face to them.
Djehuty records their names.
Tayet purifies them.
The jackal holds them in his arms.
The way is open to them!


One thought on “Prayer for Kemet-Wesir

  1. Beautiful adoration, very evocative, thank you for sharing this!

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