Fallow Time

Nothing new to report. Same old stuff. Boooorrrred. Those times happen to all of us. The gods are silent, sometimes for weeks or months.

So, what do I do when that happens? Usually I complain. I’ll gripe about it in my private journal or with my friends. I’ll quietly laugh at myself at the same time, because I know that when things get busy again, I’ll complain then too. I remind myself of this. The fallow times don’t last forever.

The quiet times seem to happen when I’m more focused on dirtside. There’s nothing wrong with dirtside. There’s plenty of things that need to be done. Some of them go better without the distraction and trials brought on from spiritside. You need to clean the house, or take care of children, or look after your health, or get that project finished, or pay the bills. The gods know this, and they sometimes step back to give you room to get those things done. We can’t all live in a monastery, and in ancient Egypt, the priests also had regular lives outside the temples.

Sometimes it’s quiet because I overdid things. I tend approach my spiritual activities fast and hard, and sometimes I end up getting burned. Then it’s time to be put on the bench until I get myself back together again. Yes, I do sulk the entire time while giving Djehuty evil looks as he tells me to sit my butt down. I’m an energy channeler who is a sucker for high voltage activities. It does have its down side.

Sometimes it’s just that time of year. I can usually count on a lull around November and December. I’m seasonally affective, and that’s my low energy time of year. I remind myself that it’s temporary, and I pick up a book or play a game.

Just remember that They are still there, even if they’re not up in your face about it. They haven’t left. Your radio just isn’t working at full power, either that or you have important things going on that require your focus. There are a number of reasons why it might go quiet. It’s almost never because They don’t care.


2 thoughts on “Fallow Time

  1. von186 says:

    I’ve noticed that I tend to hit low points at certain times of the year. Normally its in summer for me- because the heat kills me x.x;

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