I’m sorry, this is going to be a filler post.

I was going to do a post on Emanations, which was going to be about how I think my gods ‘work.’ I tried three different times and the words would not go anywhere useful. “Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey,”(1) “hyper-intelligent shade of the color blue,”(2) but also the “guy next door.”(3) Bwaah. Something about light emanating from the Source and filtering through various layers, each layer containing its own natural laws. The layer you tune into is going to effect the kind of god you see, from incomprehensibly abstract, down to someone you can buddy around with. Whichever you tune into, keep in mind it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Just because I joke around with my gods and invite them to sit in with me at the movies doesn’t mean I don’t get hit with the “phenomenal cosmic power!!!!”(4) side occasionally too. (YMMV, always)

I thought about writing about Enough. That could be a relevant post because I am retiring from certain spiritual obligations that I’ve held for years. My energy body can’t take the stress anymore. Diving deeply into that explanation would probably get more personal and full of UPG than I want to do on here. Also one of my friends made a post on the same subject last week here. I know, that doesn’t mean I can’t post on it too.

It’s still a good subject, especially when I see people practically killing themselves, or guilting themselves, over being a good Kemetic/pagan/spirit-worker/witch/insert-thing-here. There are many ways to serve. Just do it your way. Just do what you can do. It is enough. Not everyone is a scholar. Not everyone is an artist. Not everyone is a priest. Not everyone is a magician. Whatever your thing is, that’s your thing. Do your thing proudly and with joy. And don’t give other people crap for doing their thing. It takes all kinds to build a well-rounded community. Your thing IS important, but it’s not the only thing that is needed. “Be excellent to each other,”(5) for the gods’ sake!

(Equilibrium and Energy)
In tai chi push-hands we have this thing. You relax into your stance. You find your center. The chi sinks and the shen(6) rises. There you stand. When someone pushes you, you don’t push back, you just stand. Just be. Their energy goes into your ground. Eventually they overstep their ability and they’re the one who falls. Don’t lean, or that person on the ground will be you. Center plus foundation equals stability. If you find yourself cartwheeling, check your center. It’s probably not where it should be. It has gone beyond your foundation. (I’m a child of Heru. You knew there HAD to be a martial arts thing in there eventually, didn’t you?)

I had one of those this week(7). You never know what will set them off. That’s one of the reasons this post is so fragmented. I admit that I decided to step back and watch it burn rather than trying to stop it…except, I did keep my center. I used to be an expert at setting them off. Later I decided that eyebrows were good to have. I’m not perfect.

(1) Dr.Who, “Blink” if you haven’t watched the new Doctor, make time for this episode. It’s awesome.
(2) Douglas Adams, “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”
(3) common cliche phrase
(4) Disney’s Aladdin
(5) Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
(6) This is a Chinese word, not a Kemetic word in this context. It may be badly translated as “spirit.” Just as chi may be badly translated as “energy.” I don’t have time to debate what the good translations would be. In fact, you could badly translate both of them as “attention” and then get to wonder how you can simultaneously sink and raise the same thing. Makes you wonder about those other translations you think you know, eh?
(7) Not literally.
(8) Because I can.


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  1. […] in the terribly fragmented EEeee post, I briefly touched on the idea of foundation and center. I think of this as a tai chi concept, […]

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