Sobek and Neutrality

The High falls to the Low
The Low fills its belly
Not a ripple marks their passing

This is the post I wanted to write earlier today, but I felt this way of writing needed an introduction first. That, and I got distracted.

After yet another night of too little sleep, I asked Sobek how to do what he and the crocodiles do. How do I slow my heart and sink under the water, letting nothing disturb me? I felt my skin grow tough and thick. I imagined rough bumps and scales that would slide effortlessly through the water.

He talked to me about neutrality. Not the neutrality of not getting involved in a war, except I guess it is that too. The Names often seem to take words I think I know, and find new ways to apply them, or even make up new words altogether. He also spoke of devaluing things. Again, the context he used was a little different from what I’m used to hearing.

He told me to listen to the sounds outside. Those sounds were neither positive, nor negative. They were neutral. Then he told me to devalue the sound. There was no value, good or bad, to be placed upon it. It is not threat, nor food. That’s easier said than done when the thumping of bass speakers invades my sanctuary.

In the Foundation post I mentioned the need to return to neutral, to rest. It’s a practice I need to learn.

By constantly valuing the high above the low, reaching ever upward, we eventually reach a point where the wave collapses, and the resulting trough is filled, as in the poem above. Sobek also grins and tells me it is a poem about catching birds.


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