What is a mystic’s role in the Kemetic community?

The idea of various roles in the Kemetic community has surfaced recently. I fully support the idea of each person contributing to the whole by their own talent and skill set. There are scholars, artists, crafts people, performers, storytellers, administrators, technicians, ambassadors, priests, mystics, the list could go on as people find their various places. I am a mystic. My work is often solitary and intangible. What offering can I bring to the communal table?

I seek knowledge and experience. It is a different kind of knowledge than that of the scholar. It is more of the heart than of the head. Or, in the older way of thinking, more of the gut than of the heart. My seeking of such knowledge tends to be self-serving. It is a desperate search for answers to problems that plague me from day to day. I do serve the Names, but, I have reasons for doing so.

So again, how does this serve the community? Community is a shared thing where all are strengthened by interaction with the whole. Knowledge, whether of the heart or of the gut, does no one any good unless it is shared with those who may benefit. So, I will make an effort to get over my nervousness at being that strange person who walks in strange places. I will try to drag knowledge from under the waters, dry it off and present it, hopefully without too much river mud stuck to it. Yes, I will clean it up a bit, because you really don’t want to know where I’ve been!

But I’ve been known to pull up a few treasures, things like community, loyalty, family, ma’at, compassion, and other things like ruthlessness, creative conflict, impartiality, mourning and the end to mourning. I seek the wholeness of Heru’s eye, and I’ve wandered through many places in my search. But what good is it unless it is shared?

Standard disclaimers apply. What I write is simply my own belief or opinion at the time it is written. It might change as I go along. It might not even be my only opinion. These are merely intended as thinking points, examinations of ideas as I turn them over in my head. You may take them, leave them, or grab the ball and run off in another direction. Right up front, I will admit a bias in favor of community and making a community work, and yes, I mean the greater Kemetic whole, not just one tiny corner of it. We serve the same deities. We are stronger together than we are by ourselves. Let’s do the things that make community work and avoid the things that tear it apart.

These types of posts will be sorted in their own category as Kemetic Mysticism.


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