Hello Khepri!

I was hanging out at my apartment in spiritside. I went to the kitchen area and got myself a drink of water. Then I looked up and saw a strange being watching me. I was a little startled, but my apartment is protected, so, whoever it was shouldn’t be a problem.

I couldn’t see them clearly at all. I just got the impression of something large, with a strange head, watching me with large eyes. As I got closer I examined their energy. It seemed alien, weird…like an insect. Ooohhhhh! Khepri? He didn’t speak, not even to acknowledge my guess. He just kind of stood there.

I shouldn’t be surprised that he would be interested in checking up on me. He is a god of the rising sun, and my house is currently full of insects and arthropods. I’ve also been making plans concerning faience scarabs. I even have a sculpey scarab sitting by my monitor that I find myself holding on to when I’m not paying attention. One of the lady beetles in our plastic habitat transformed overnight and looks more like a pale yellow beetle than an alligator-shaped larvae. The caterpillars have grown dramatically since we got them and will probably turn into chrysalises soon. The mantis case is still quiet and probably will be until suddenly we’re swarmed with babies. The case is resting safely in a popup screened habitat for now. I assured Khepri that we would set his children free when they were old enough.

So, yeah, no wonder he showed up! I feel a little embarrassed for not recognizing him sooner.


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