I do not think of myself as a reconstructionist. I’m not really a builder. I do not cut and reassemble inanimate parts to make structures. There are some great architects and builders around. I’m just not one of them. Kemet is more than buildings and forms. I’m not sure it can be reconstructed.

Then there’s revivalist. In theory, that word sounds a little better, as it concerns itself with the essence of life. It still doesn’t sound quite right to me though. I think of a patient being brought back from the brink of death. Death is not my thing, really. The patient I see implied by this is already dead. We can’t revive Her. Only by accepting that, am I able to mourn Her in a proper way and release Her to the Shining Ones. Kemet isn’t coming back, at least, not the way She once was.

Tonight, in the dark, when I should have been sleeping, I found another R word, reemergence. It doesn’t really sound like a replacement for those other R’s. Slapping an “ist” onto the end sounds awkward. Maybe I’m not an “ist” either. Maybe the problem is that this word describes something from the other side. I’m not the one doing it. It’s just something that appears to be happening, and that is the thing that brought me here.

The Netjeru are waking up from their long slumber. Some have rested peacefully, practically unaware of the passing of years. Others have slept fitfully, not quite settling down. Heru slept with one eye open upon the world. In diminished form, He stayed with those who mistook His gesture as a call for silence. But He is not a god of silence. Heru, son of Aset, learned the power of words from His mother. “Reemergence” is the word He’s saying now. Now the Netjeru speak their words of power to those whose hearts can hear Them.


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