Grins Feed Your Ka

Why so serious?

I’ve noticed one thing since stepping into the public blogosphere waters in January. Everything seems so serious. I’m not sure what causes the lack of grins. Our deities seem to have a very healthy sense of humor. Maybe I should have waited for next week and posted about humor, but I’m feeling stuck today on topics. There are more to grins than jokes though. There is also sitting back and enjoying life. There is gratitude. There is the pleasure of seeing something done well. There is pride at doing something well. There are puppies and kittens too. Grins are small things that are often overlooked. Being small is a virtue, because they’re not too hard to produce if you’re looking for them. Just about anything can set one off. All those little grins add up to a ka well fed. They nourish the soul. Just for the heck of it, make one now. Turn those corners up a little. The physical act of doing so can slightly improve your mood even without any other cause.

I guess there are some grins that aren’t so good. Like grinning at another’s discomfort or misfortune, or grinning when you get away with doing something wrong. Those grins feel nourishing too, but ultimately, they bring down your emotional health, and subvert your community spirit. Maybe that’s what they mean in the Coffin Texts when they kept talking about not eating feces. I just got a copy of Faulkner’s translation and I was amazed that was such a huge concern in the afterlife! I’ve been puzzling over that for a couple days. If you are feeding your ka with grins, it would make sense to feed it with the good kind of grin and not the crappy kind. Is that what they meant? I have no idea, but the idea seems to hold value on its own. Nourish yourself with the good stuff.

Have you grinned today? Have you made someone else grin? When was the last time you had a really good one? What can you do to fit a few more grins into your busy schedule?


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