Do you ever feel inadequate in your practice/personal devotions, and of so, why? How do you handle these feelings?

Thoughts of inadequacy do seem to run rampant in the Kemetic community. I’m not entirely sure why that is, except that perhaps we are trying to compare what we have now with the glory of the old Kemet. Our practice does seem pretty small in comparison. It seems that there is just too much work to do and we’ll never see to it all.  We want to please the Names. We want to bring back what They have lost ASAP. Judged on that scale, then, yes, we are inadequate. That scale is unfair and unreasonable. We can’t fit a thousand years of work into a decade. We have to let that go. That doesn’t mean stopping our efforts. It simply means being more reasonable with our expectations.

When I study where my feelings of inadequacy come from, I find that they are either products of my own mind, or absorbed from other people around me. Not once have the Names told me I was inadequate. If anything, they seem to give me more credit than I think I deserve. If we’re doing this for Them, shouldn’t Their opinion be counted first? They know what obstacles we face, both internally and externally. They have a better idea of what to reasonably expect from an individual. Not everyone in old Kemet was a priest, but everyone did add to the kingdom in their own way. If the Names are hounding you to do a certain thing, then you should probably do it. If they’re not, then don’t get all uptight about it. They may have other plans. The energy you waste trying to do what you think you “should” might be better spent doing what you love. A “dry” offering is not received as well as one that comes from the heart.

I have a cat, in my lap, who thinks I have written enough words.


3 thoughts on “Inadequacy

  1. Neteruhemta says:

    It’s funny how this topic came around on the KRT right as I am wrestling with THIS all of THIS. I’ve been looking at where it comes from in my life, but yes, the Names just thwap me when they want something, and never the whack of “you’re not doing enough”. It is still hard to get over the hurdle, but maybe the whack is needed for “stop feeling inadequate”.

  2. You make good points about this issue and you’ve encapsulated the those and feelings that sometimes occur really well here. These thoughts/feelings arise whatever path one is on. Those doubts…am I really contributing in my relationship with my deities/aspects of divine/archetypes/guides, am I living by my beliefs and carrying out the practices I should? Periods of doubt are probably quite natural, we are human…it’s just if those feelings become all consuming and one feels he/she isn’t even receiving guidance/help in dealing with it that it can have a more severe impact.

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