Little Fish, Big Pond

Little People Can Change the World, Too.
You Don’t Have to be a “Big-Name Pagan” to be a Trend-Setter and Enact Greater Change in the Kemetic community. When you look at the Kemetic community as a whole, what flaws, hindrances, and negative trends do you see at work? Where would you like to see improvement most? What are some common, everyday things we as individuals can do to improve the current state of affairs? What suggestions do you have regarding bridging divides between different Kemetic factions and encouraging cooperation toward common goals? What methods and tactics should we employ to improve Kemetic presence on a local level; to encourage Kemetics to network not just online, but also in “the real world”?”

Wow, that’s a really long lead-in.

I’ll go back to my regular soapbox. DO your thing, also, do YOUR thing. That, by itself, I think would solve countless headaches.

You probably have more than one thing, but, that list of things will probably serve you better if it is short, maybe two or three things. That way you have the time, energy, and focus to make each of them really good.

This year, I’ve been stepping back from a lot of stuff I used to do and finding out what my things are, and then practicing them. I’ve decided that structured blogging is now one of my things. I do the Pagan Blog Project and the Kemetic Round Table. Am I a big fish at it? No. I just started in January. Will I become a big fish? Maybe, if I keep it up in a consistent manner. Everything takes practice and patience. If I don’t become a big fish, what then? Then, it’s ok. Consistency and practice brings experience and skill, and I learn something by simply getting my thoughts organized in a readable fashion.

At the same time, I’ve decided that jumping on to every forum I see is no longer my thing. It used to be. I used to live on forums. They’re full of tiny little soundbyte posts that don’t take much attention span to read or to write. Sometimes they’re a valuable source of community feeling. Sometimes they make you go to bed ranting in your own mind at people you’ve never met. As the lovely Tank Girl once said, “Look, it’s been swell, but the swelling’s gone down.”

By saying “No” to some things, I have more energy to devote to the things I want to say “Yes” to. If forums are your thing, then I applaud your community efforts. I’ll still be over here. The thing is, back when I was a forum rat, I really didn’t have the focus to do the consistent kind of blogging that I’m doing now. When I started the PBP this time, I really didn’t have any expectations of sticking to it. I didn’t think I could. It turns out that I can, after clearing out a great deal of the mind clutter in my life.

Do your own thing means “eyes on your own work.” If you’re truly focused on your art, you don’t have as much focus space to spend worrying about what other people are doing. You should be too busy with your own passions and dreams to berate others for not doing enough or for doing it wrong. It’s a waste of time and energy to be such a busybody. You’re doing your thing, and they are doing their thing. There’s no need to think they should do the same thing that you’re doing. There’s also no need to feel threatened if they are doing the same thing that you are. Do your thing, period.

If everyone is off doing their thing, then where does that leave community? Well, it is good if at least one of your things intersects with community in some way.  If you make beautiful devotional paintings and no one ever sees them, it doesn’t really do the community any good. You need to find a way to get your work out there where it can benefit others. Then all that focus and skill and practice will will become apparent. It will raise the standard and bring respect to the community as a whole because we are able to produce such wonderful things. If you see someone else making something wonderful, give them a nod, or link to them, or even buy their stuff. We need to support our own. That’s how it keeps getting better.


2 thoughts on “Little Fish, Big Pond

  1. suzmuse says:

    wow! any time i start to feel myself sliding into teh dramaz, i must come re-read this post.

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