KRT: Seeing other Pantheons

Question: Can I work with other pantheons? Can I perform rituals that aren’t Kemetic based?

Yes, you can. It pretty much depends on your personality, your goals, and the gods. As a guideline, the KO says you can work with other pantheons and practices, but try not to mix them up in the same ritual. Don’t mix your Sabbat with your Senut. Do them separately.

Personally, I’m just not a ritual kind of person. As far as deities go, I’ve been something of a serial monogamist. First there was Artemis. Then there were years of nonaffiliation. Then there was Wakinyan. Then Ra grabbed me. Heru has always sat in the background chewing bubblegum, content to let me stumble around from one learning experience to the next. I almost never see Artemis any more, and I rarely speak to Wakinyan. (Ra altered my energy when he showed up, making it difficult to get in touch with Wakinyan.) It wasn’t really planned, but I pretty much have stuck to one pantheon at a time.

Unlike before, I’m not just working with a single god any more. Ra brought me in, not just for himself, but for the Kemetic pantheon. Since Heru has been around pretty much all my life, it seems fair to say that this is where I belonged all along. The Kemetic pantheon is huge. The personalities involved are complex. The relationships between the Names are also complex. I have two divined fathers and three divined beloveds. Beyond that, there are other deities that stick their noses in because they do have important relationships with my main gods. In short, I’m so busy with these guys that I don’t have the time or the attention span to devote to other pantheons. It’s all Kemetic, all the time. But that’s just me.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having relationships with deities from different pantheons. In some cases, it may be important to look to others to give you a different perspective. Seeing the same material from a different angle can help to get the lesson across. Set and Wakinyan are both chaotic storm deities. Both use rather difficult means of teaching, but Set and Wakinyan are not the same at all. Waki taught me different lessons, with a different emphasis, than Set would have. They are not interchangeable.

I have heard stories from people about how a person’s main deity might “loan them out” to another deity for the purpose of learning something new. You can think of it like a foreign exchange program. Your main deity is still there in the background, but they may step back and give you enough space to learn what you need from the other, just as Heru was content to quietly sit back while I was exploring different things. It can give you more of a well rounded education.


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