Where would we be without our trusty keyboards? Somewhere entirely different, I imagine.

The internet is probably the best innovation for religious thought since the printing press made the bible, and literacy, available to everyone. Your thoughts combine with my thoughts, combine with their thoughts, until we all have something new and wonderful to think about. My adventures in Kemeticism probably wouldn’t have gotten very far without it. Yes, I was pestered by Them before I had a reliable internet connection, but that was also before I knew that there were other people who took that kind of thing seriously. I read The Egypt Game in school. I thought it sounded interesting, but it was obviously just a few kids playing around. Who knew that there were people who saw it as more than just a game?

I remember browsing the Kemetic Orthodox forum, before I was a member. I came across the thread about Heru-sa-Aset. I just about cried with happiness. I had no idea that anyone still cared, or that anyone saw Him as anything more than what those stiff looking statues promised. He is the gentle wing that will shield you from your nightmares. He is the sharp blade that slices with lightning fast efficiency. He is the child who loves to laugh and craves sweets. He is the master of heka who will pour his heart and soul into taking care of his people. All those differing perspectives are correct. When I first read that thread, I was thinking, “All of these! Yes!” These strangers on the internet got it right. So maybe there is something to this afterall. Maybe I’m not just making it up.

Connections like these are made all over the place. Ideas build upon each other. Inspiration is gained from people scattered all over the world, whom we would never have met otherwise. We take a piece, add a piece, make some variation and pass it on. We gain confirmation and clarification. We hammer out concepts against the public anvil to see what happens. That can be a tough playground to navigate. We all need a little bit of Heru-sa’s “Little Sh-” attitude to make it through some of the tougher neighborhoods. Despite the troubles, I believe that the good far outweighs the bad. Sometimes it is best to sheathe the sword and bow out to fight again another day, or in another location, or to try to smooth things over. Try not to get too serious out there.


One thought on “QWERTY

  1. It’s easy to get caught up in things when you are passionate about it. Even if you are trying to avoid mis reading or interpreting something – I find I fall into a trap! Go back to it the next day and try again or just leave it. Ha. I find the Internet a bag of cats, but I mostly now know where the sensible places are 🙂

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