“Water is patient. It can wait. I cradled you in the womb. I carried your father’s seed. I am the river of your blood and the soft tissue of your body. Your beloved, Sobek, brings offerings to me. Your father, Wesir, offered to me too. When you bathe, a part of you flows back to me. This is your offering.”

(This might make me think twice about what I carelessly pour down the drain.)




2 thoughts on “Hapi

  1. von186 says:

    I live in the desert, so I think that has always made me think twice about water.
    being in the desert, I also know that water can go from being patient and kind to being torrential and destructive in a matter of seconds :3

    • shezep says:

      That’s true. We had an example of that just a few weeks ago. Not as bad as Colorado got hit, but there were still a few places where the infrastructure didn’t keep up. Poor Juarez got hit pretty hard.

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