Tag, I’m It! (Liebster Award)

Fieldstones nominated me for a Liebster award. Thanks, Fieldstones!

The Liebster is really more of a chain letter meme that has been passed around for awhile, and the rules have changed over time. There are different variations floating around. First you answer the questions, then you make up new questions for your next five victims nominees. Oh well, it looks like fun. Why not?

1. Favorite book (fiction).

Pick a hard question next time…there’s so many…American Gods by Neil Gaiman would be up toward the top of that list. His Horus seems like a two-dimensional, frozen in amber, version of my Horus, and it even has thunderbirds! Though my thunderbirds, are actually thunder beings, and in terms of looks they’d probably go better in a Lovecraft novel. Not really birds at all, except to say that they have wings, and then you just have to give up because that’s as far as your mind can handle. (In other words, they’re gorgeous!) It’s no accident that crazy people hang out with them. (I met Heru/Horus and Wakinyan long before I read the book.)

Actually my favorite part was where Mr.Wednesday let loose on that poor waitress about what it’s really like to be pagan. Something about ocean waves and leopard tongues. It was very hot.

2. Favorite book (non-fiction).

Currently it’s Reading Egyptian Art by Richard H. Wilkinson. It contains detailed descriptions of the meanings of one hundred hieroglyphs commonly used in Kemetic art. I’m using it to make my own art!

3. Best way to spend a day when you have nothing else to do.

(Cut for younger viewing audiences.) …and then finish the day with home made lasagna, pecan pie, and campy movies.

…Or something like it. I’ve got a vacation scheduled at the end of the month. Yaaay!

4. Night owl, early bird or in between, and is this a good or a bad thing?

Night owl. It is cruel and unusual punishment to expect me to rise before the sun. Given no schedule at all, I’ll get on a 2am-11am sleep schedule. I haven’t done that in a long time though. I have started setting my alarm and taking a walk first thing in the morning to stave off the winter blues, reset my internal clock, and ward off insomnia. I’ve been getting up “early,” but not by most people’s definition of the word.

Sounds ironic given that I’m named after the dawn, doesn’t it? I get in touch with the energies of the sunrise while in an an altered, half-asleep, hypnopompic state. It doesn’t work if I’m wide awake and walking around.

The only bad thing about not being a morning person is that those who set schedules don’t seem to understand the concept.

5. Fate or free will or somewhere in between?

Philosophically, I believe in fate. I’ve had precognitive visions, never of anything important, in which every itty bitty detail was in place. When you think of all the randomness that goes into that kind of thing, there isn’t much room left. Fate led me to my spouse, to Kemeticism, to all kinds of strangeness. (There’s also that Kemetic true name business that has quite a bit of influence over my basic character. I don’t know exactly what it is, but I can generally guess about the theme. )

Practically speaking, I think it’s a good idea to ignore all of that and still try your best.

As the Doctor says, time is wibbly wobbly, so who knows how one ends up affecting the other?

6. Choose a superpower!

Polymorphic shape shifting. I could ask for flight, but being able to shift into a flying thing, and back, is better!

7. Are you more likely to listen to your heart or your head?

My head talks a pretty good game, but my heart usually wins.

8. What is the hardest thing to get yourself to do that you know you need to do?

Keep a daily schedule that includes exercise, eating right, house cleaning, art time, meditation, etc.

9. Do you follow news and current events? How pertinent do you feel the World is to your daily life?

I’m more likely to read the local news than world or national news. It seems more like something I can take part in and have a genuine opinion about. (With an international border just a few miles from my house, the local news isn’t boring!) I let my beloved disgruntled vet who sits in the other chair write angry letters to congress and troll Cruz’s Facebook page. He’s good at that.

10. Favorite season.

Monsoon season! That’s when the summer heat builds towering cloud castles on a daily basis. Sometimes it rains and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it rains a block away but not here.

Questions for the next round:

1. What is your quest?

2. What is your favorite color?

3. What is the airspeed velocity of a flying rodent’s tail-end? And who is not worthy of receiving such a gift?

4. Write an excerpt from the lyrics of a song that you enjoy. What does it mean to you?

5. What is your favorite bad movie?

6. What is the best, or most favorite, thing that you can cook?

7. Share a bit of fun UPG gossip about a spiritual entity. (Remember to wear rubber-soled shoes!)

8. Name a book that has influenced your current beliefs.

9. If your child self met you now, what would they have to say?

10. What’s for dessert?

The next victims nominees are…… (Unless you’ve already done this a dozen times and/or don’t feel like it.)


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