Urban Kemetic

The title of this blog post is redundant.

I’ve always been in favor of urban magic, urban shamanism, urban whatever. Several people on my follow list have already talked about these things. I realize that in Kemeticism, there is no real difference between urban magic and country or nature magic.

Humans and the things we create are well within the boundaries of Ma’at. You could even say that we are necessary to universal balance. We have a symbiotic give and take relationship with our deities and spirits. Living in harmony with nature doesn’t mean you have to run away from the cities, just the opposite. Cities offer a level of efficiency you can’t get from a lot of scattered and independent farms.

The trick is to not lose sight of that fact. We are facing a slow, drawn out crises of our own making. Within a century, our climate will be radically different from the one we enjoy today. We got here by not recognizing and not being responsible about our place in the natural balance of life. On the one hand, humanity is already a natural disaster. On the other hand, we’re the only species on the planet that has any hope at all of defending it from the threat of asteroids like apophis, which was conveniently named after a Kemetic world ending monster. Sure, we could go back to the seeming bliss of hunter gathering, and then all fry when our time is up. Or we could grow the frack up and take control of this two edged sword that we wield.

Ra has been looking over my shoulder when I watch sci fi movies. He tells me that when humans stand under the light of other stars, that he wants his name known there too. He wants us to continue on after this star ends. He wants to continue on too. That’s a pretty tall order. No one could accuse him of lacking ambition. In order to do that, we need our cities and our advanced civilization, and we need to actually survive long enough to make it happen. It does come down to survival as the bottom line. Kemetics are really big on that concept, none of this idly sitting by and talking about God’s will as everything burns. We are a culture of fighters.

So, we could in effect see responsible urbanism as one of the pillars of Kemetic faith. In Kemet, if you went beyond the bounds of cultured and cultivated land, you’d find yourself surrounded by sand. The interactions of life are more easily found right in the center of civilization. The balance of the river, the creatures of the river, the farms, and the temples was evident all around. The idea of running away from it all to find spirituality wasn’t really a thing. The balance of Ma’at was upheld by getting all of these things to work together. Humans were given heka to make life more livable. The same can be said for technology. Like heka, we have to use it responsibly.


4 thoughts on “Urban Kemetic

  1. migdalit says:

    Your post reminded me of how when I read about all the new discoveries on Mars I cannot help but feeling: A planet like that, so similar to Earth in many respects yet different enough to challenge us in our back yard? It’s almost like a written invitation by the gods to go out, explore, learn so we can explore even further. Us not going there – and on to other, more alien worlds afterwards – seems to be a very rude thing to do.

    • shezep says:

      It does seem convenient that we have the moon and Mars to go visit, doesn’t it? Not saying that the gods planned it that way, but it’s still good to have such stepping stones right in our neighborhood.

      The first “religion” of my household wasn’t Christianity. I used to watch NOVA, with Carl Sagan, with my Dad when I was little. It shows, doesn’t it? 🙂

  2. […] I’ve always been in favor of urban magic, urban shamanism, urban whatever… I realize that in Kemeticism, there is no real difference between urban magic and country or nature magic. – Urban Kemetic […]

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