Zep Tepi

“Once upon a time…”

When the world was brand new, gods and humans lived together. A lot of fun stuff happened way back then.

This time between the old year and the new is like that time. The new year is about to start, but it hasn’t yet. What will we become in this new time?

Zep tepi isn’t just “the good old days.” It’s not just “long long ago.” It still exists in the here and now, like the dream time. What do you dream about when the nights are longest?

The stories are not all in the past. There are new ones waiting to be born. We whisper to each other in the dark. Some of those whispers find a voice. Some voices carry in song and verse. Some verses find their way to paper. Some papers persist through decades and centuries. You never know which ones, so they always seem to come from the far off past.

Will your whispers find a voice this year? What stories will you tell?


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