Back to Work

DryFaienceDjerytFalconsToday’s task was to figure out how to get faience pieces out of the mold while still wet. Somehow they did it in that video I saw last year. I partially succeeded. It will take more trial and error. Previously, I had to wait until they were dry and risk cracks and crumbles when taking them out. Waiting also runs the risk of missing the window between dry enough to remove and too dry to effloresce. No salty coating means no glossy finish. I ruined more pieces than I finished.

It’s still not a fast process. I still let them set for awhile before trying to remove them. This means I can use the same mold maybe three times in a session rather than just once. I guess that helps.

We’ll see how these turn out. Some of them did crack while coming out of the mold. Hopefully putting them back together while still wet is a viable option. They look good now, but cracks tend to get bigger in the kiln. At least they are turning a nice powdery white. That’s a good sign for getting the glaze right.

I made the designs and the molds myself. I made a clay version first, fired it, then made a silicon mold. I need to make more of those, like a better scarab, a djed pillar, some jackals and cats and Set beasts. So much to do, and so few spoons. The great thing about molds is that I don’t have to be in a creative mood to use them, only to make them. I get the best of both that way.


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