Spring in the Southwest

I smell like rosemary. I was just outside clearing away the dead wood left over from the winter. The lantana is already trying to leaf out, in fact, a few stalks closest to the house never died back. I saw one or two trying to bloom already! Still, they need to be cut back to make room for this year’s growth. From my window, I can see a pale yellow-white butterfly fluttering around the mustard weeds.

There was a small bit of orange showing from under the floating algae in the fish pond. I poked at it to see if it was alive, and sure enough, our one goldfish darted around in a panic at being disturbed from its sunning spot. It’s good to see that it made it through the winter just fine. The mosquito fish are still all over the place. I pulled most of the algae out of the pond with a stick and set it next to the plants for fertilizer. I left some algae in there on purpose. The bees have woken up and they need a safe place to land when they come to the pond for water. I pulled the pot of lilies up to the surface and cleaned the water weeds out of them. The tiny curled up leaves are starting to reach for the surface again. They appeared to be dotted with jellied fish eggs.

My shoulders are a little sore from the yardwork. I will need to make friends with the tiger balm again and practice my stretches.


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