Purity Revisited

If flow is “how to peace” then maybe purity is “how to flow.” Or maybe they’re different ways of looking at the same thing.

I talked about rocks being thrown into the stream last time. We enjoy the splash and the burble, but over time, those obstructions restrict the flow. Purity is what happens after you clean up the mess. Not only that, purity resists being messy in the first place, just as a lotus leaf resists the muddy water.

Aset was around today and she pointed out that hurtful magic can’t stick to what is pure. I think you have to read that statement in a certain light. It’s not an assertion that bad things only happen to impure people. I’ve seen perfectly good lotus leaves get caught up in circumstances and submerged anyway. It happens. But if your house is “clean,” you have less to fear from the law. If your mind is clear, then the slings and insults of the internet have a harder time getting wedged in your thoughts. No, that post isn’t about you. Those people are simply describing the shadows they made up in their own minds. (Hypothetical straw people don’t really exist.) It’s like a non-stick coating for your brain.

Purity doesn’t mean that you’re happy and smiling all the time. It doesn’t mean that you’re full of love and light nonstop. It means, whatever happens, there you are. You can be purely happy. You can also be purely sad, or purely angry, or purely scared. It means you don’t try to be something else. You don’t fight yourself, and when it passes, you don’t fight the passing. You don’t desperately cling to pleasure. You don’t look for reasons to stay angry. It’s too late by then. There’s already something new there that you need to embrace. If you’re fighting that next thing, then you’re not purely experiencing it.

This is not the same as temple purity, but one can have an effect on the other. The act of cleansing can be a reminder to clear your mind as well. Let the past be in the past. Let those clinging thoughts be washed away.


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