Talk about, What?

I think I will just go ahead and talk about whatever I feel like discussing on here. Some private things probably will stay private if I don’t feel like discussing them. If something nags me about wanting to be told, then I’ll give in and let it come out.

It really is kind of petty of me to think about page views or “likes” or comments. Doing that disrupts the flow. I should just grow up. I’m not on any great mission to reform Kemeticism. It seems to be trucking along just fine whether I stick my nose in or not. That doesn’t mean I won’t gripe and complain about stuff I see now and then. It’s pretty predictable which parts I object to, basically anything that hurts other people. If it’s not hurting anybody, then I let it go. If I want a place to talk about the kinds of things that interest me, then, this is the place.

Ra was actually proud of me for coming out about our arrangement on the Angst post. I was surprised because he never gave me any indication that he wanted me to talk about it. It taught me that others may run into similar situations, and it helps to have some frame of reference for how to handle it. I have a pretty good instinct for interpreting these things, but not everyone does, and even then the cultural dissonance can throw me for a loop.

The cultural norms spirit-side are different from the norms here. It helps if you can speak metaphor fluently. If you tend to take everything literally, then, gods help you. Best to keep your feet dry and stay on this side.

That reminds me, I should write a sticky page about how to read astral UPG posts without misinterpreting the heck out of them.

Added: Astral and UPG guide is on the side bar now. 🙂


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