Here and There

This is an astrally post, of not much importance. Not everything that goes on over there is life altering. Sometimes being there is as simple as relaxing a little bit. Other times it can take all my effort to get through. This is one of those days where I’m already halfway there.

Here: I sprawl sideways in my computer chair. I’ve got headphones on. My phone is in my hands, texting my girlfriend two states away.

There: I sprawl sideways on the couch in the apartment. The stereo plays the same song as my headphones. A goddess sits next to me. I’m not sure which one. My senses only tell me “goddess” and “one of ours.” She chides me for bothering to play that game and reminds me that I’m shut down for a reason. (If you can call this “shut down.”)

She notices the phone in my hands and asks who I’m texting. I tell her it’s my angel friend, and I grin. “You like her, don’t you?” she asks. Then I tell her about a friend of mine who was texted by a god, one of those half-waking visions that seemed real. “Clever,” she says.

The apartment is filled with “ghosts.” Not really ghosts, but the shadows of other gods walking around, both here and not here. I feel better knowing they’re around. I only see wisps and vague movement here and there, but I know if I call they will answer.


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