Divine Interventions

I have a new puppy sleeping with his head resting on my foot. I suspect that he was brought by the gods as part of their ongoing campaign to get me to calm the heck down. I was going to get an older dog, like a year or two. I didn’t think I wanted an untrained chew monster in the house. My daughter insisted on the puppy, and then quickly found out that a puppy needs a LOT of attention. (Oh, so when I said that puppies need a lot of attention, I really meant that puppies need a lot of attention? Who knew?)

So, he’s mine now. He sleeps in my bed. I take him out at five in the morning to make sure I don’t wake up to a puddle of piddle. I’m more concerned about getting him to stop licking and pawing my face, to stop wandering around the bed, and chewing on the blankets, and going to sleep, than in brooding over the usual things I brood about before sleep. I know a lot of people say you shouldn’t let them sleep in the bed, but, I kinda like it. My old dog used to sleep with me. My other dog is too big for that, and I’m mildly allergic to the cats. I think I’ve been interventioned.

Your argument is invalid, brain. I have a puppy.

The tarot cards continue to tell me that everything is wonderful, but my attitude stinks. They’ve been saying that for a long time. I’m not sure how to unstink it.

Aset has been trying to tackle that project because she knows all the dumb tricks my brain tries to play. Ra is great and all, but he doesn’t understand humans all that well. She told me about purity of the heart awhile back, to experience everything fully in the moment, and then to let the moment pass. That helps on the emotional side. More recently she talked about the mental side. She said I should let my thoughts rest gently like a boat upon the waves. I don’t have to know everything that’s going on under the water. I just need to relax and get a feel for the currents such as they are. I have to trust that the water will be water, and I don’t need to tell it what to do.

Those both sound very simple, but they’re pretty challenging in practice. I’m working on it.


3 thoughts on “Divine Interventions

  1. Ahahaha, puppy!! Nebthet gifted me a puppy 3.5 years ago, ‘s what started all this Kemetic bent after ages! If you’re working with Aset, I would absolutely put the puppy down to her, they *like* using those. Enjoy him! They’re hellishly demanding little assholes but so damn cute!

  2. naiadis says:

    Oh, no! The photo you tried to share with us of the new puppy didn’t show up. Silly files!


    YAY for puppy! I’m a co-sleeper. Corbie was forced into confinement after a back injury and even after he was sprung free we made him continue sleeping in the crate for a year or so, because I was terrified of moving and kicking him in my sleep — I move a lot. But, we’re back to sleeping together, because I sleep better, despite his bed hogging powers, when I’ve got a dog with me. I suspect that, so long as they know whose boss, cosleeping isn’t all that bad. Also? It’s a baby, for crying out loud.

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