Separation of Heaven and Earth

That sounds like a chi gong. It probably is one. I have chi gong on the brain because I just came back from a review of the workshop I went to last month, but I left early. I did the chi gong, but I left before the push-hands. My childhood asthma decided to visit me this morning. Trying to focus chi enough to move another person is difficult when chi is disrupted from lack of breath, and when focus is shot by albuterol induced jitters. I wasn’t sure if I would even go to the review, but I went, and it was worth it even if I didn’t stay. I have a stack of DvDs now to review on my own time.

So, what do I mean by separation of heaven and earth? Well, my spirit side has interests and priorities, but so does my human side. Those are often compatible, but not always the same. I had been treating them as one thing. This became a problem when it seemed like I’d want something one day and then lose interest the next as one side or the other gained prominence.

This morning, spirit-me was ambivalent about going to the review. Who cares in the long run anyway? The body just wanted to rest. But then there was that other part that has put in a lot of work and who thinks that proper chi gong practice can help pull the rest of me together, not to mention seeing some old acquaintances again. So I went. I’m glad I took a moment to ask all sides. Maybe I’m getting some first hand experience with the Kemetic idea of the various parts of the self. I’m not completely confident in assigning the terminology to it. I might be wrong about how I’m interpreting them. Was this a case of ba(soul), versus ha(physical body), versus ib(heart/mind)? When we got to the push-hands, ka(energy/unseen body) was all “You want me to do what? You’re funny. Go home now.” I think that the concepts of chi and ka are closely related. Regular practice of the chi gong would probably improve the condition of my ka.

Remembering to ask the various parts before making a decision seems like a good idea. Mob rule doesn’t work out all that well in practice. If I had just gone with the majority, I would have stayed home, and my ib would have been unhappy about it. Hearing each voice, determining priorities, and negotiating if necessary is a better way.


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