My About page changes on a regular basis. I keep changing my mind about what to put here.

Labels are a quick and easy way to figure out what you’re going to find when you read my blog. I can’t guarantee that the words still mean the same thing that I thought they meant when I wrote them. I don’t pay much attention to those kinds of debates.

Anyway, I’m a modernist, squishy polytheistic, Kemetic mystic, who mostly practices journeywork and energy work. The Kemetic deities are like family to me, primarily Heru-sa-Aset and Ra. Djehuty, Sobek and Sekhmet also keep an eye on me. Others come and go as they see fit. I’m not trying to recreate the past. I’m trying to learn how Kemeticism fits into the present and how it can be brought successfully into the future. Kemet is Wesir, which is not quite the same thing as dead. It is a rich and fertile ground, but it’s never going to be as it was. We have a lot to learn from the past, but we shouldn’t try to live in it.

The UPG gets pretty heavy around here, but I take my own stuff with a huge salt lick. If you say your experiences are different from mine, I’ll probably just shrug and move on. The gods do what the gods do, and if they want to tell you something different than what they tell me, who am I to complain? I try to strike a balance between having faith, and using the “what if it is all in my head” yardstick. If my beliefs improve my quality of life, then the skeptic can calm down because it’s not hurting anything, and it may be helping. The pendulum swings from one side of that to the other. On one extreme, They start to get annoyed with my incessant second guessing. On the other end, They seem to toss me into the air and I have that freak out moment right before I fall back to more familiar territory. Sometimes it’s just quiet. Everything changes.

I’m also genderfluid, with a tendency to default psychologically to the masculine side of androgynous. I’m otherkin, celestial, polymorphic, with a dash of hawk thrown in, but I haven’t hung out in those communities for awhile. I used to go by Motley over there.

I’m happily married to an army veteran and I homeschool our daughter. I’m also polyamorous, which just means that I have a girlfriend that my spouse knows and approves of. (Everything in Ma’at. I would never go behind his back, or behind another spouse’s back.) I teach a tai chi class twice a week. I also care for my mother, as needed, and our two cats, one dog, a betta fish and “every bird in the neighborhood.”

The name “Shezep-shuty” was given to me by Tamara Siuda of the Kemetic Orthodoxy. The translation of the name is also the title of this blog. I value the name and its meaning. I also value the vows I took as a shemsu. However, I must admit that after giving it some time, the Kemetic Orthodoxy never quite felt like home to me. I always felt awkward posting my views there. It’s a great place to check out if you feel you need some guidance, but my path has taken me in a different direction where I need a little more room to stretch out and explore what Netjer has been asking of me in greater depth.

One more thing, if the Heru I talk about doesn’t sound like the one you know, there’s a good reason for that. My Heru is something like a shadow aspect who didn’t take the fall of Kemet very well. I met him years before I read American Gods, but, for reference, he’s something like their BFC Horus. Throw in the mention of Thunderbirds and red tailed hawks and I started to wonder if Neil Gaiman had been spying on me. However, my Thunder Beings aren’t birds any more than Cthulhu is a sushi appetizer. Come to think of it, my Heru resembles a two-dimensional book character in about the same way. Oh, well.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. fieldstones says:

    I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award (there are questions attached, hope that’s okay, not sure of the etiquette on these things); the link’s at http://fieldstones.wordpress.com/2013/10/06/609/, but please, no pressure. Just mentioning it.:)

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